Create a functional organizational structure and describe all functions

Establish an organizational structure and describe all functions in detail.  Allocate roles to employees and define their deliverables.

Delegate task control

Enter all tasks into the platform and define performance criteria for each task. Start working on the tasks on the platform.Enter all tasks into the platform, defining their performance criteria. Connect with a specially trained person - Task Driver. Task Driver is our person who monitors the performance of tasks by your employees.

Free up your time and focus on strategic tasks

When all functions are scheduled, repetitive tasks are performed, and Task Driver is connected, monitoring 100% task completion - you  phase out from the routine  and focus on strategic development. You have full control over the performance of current tasks and any new ones that might appear in development.

Training and immersion in management automation

You go through 4 weeks of digitisation and automation of your business management. You develop a functional organizational structure of the company and write out functions, and tasks for each employee. Describe key indicators and results for each function. Establish a framework so that the company is systematic, predictable and manageable.

Implement an Automated Operations Director into your business

Our consultant helps you digitize your company and implement everything developed during the training into the platform. As a result, you put people in charge of functions and assign tasks.

Our Task Driver monitors 100% task completion and approvals by your employees.

Join a digital club to maintain the system

Be surrounded by like-minded people and digital entrepreneurs. Grow the company, strategise and scale the company, free from operational management.

Company organizational structure

Simple and easy to set up your company's organizational structure.

Proof of task completion

For any task, you can make it mandatory to provide proof of completion. It can be a photo, a link or just text.


With a single click, you can see the status of each task, for each employee. Number of overdue, rescheduled, accepted/not accepted, taken on tasks.

Employee training

The program of adaptation and training of new employees can be completely automated, by creating a sequence of tasks (lessons) that need to be done by the employee, then checked and thereby integrated.

Chat support and knowledge base

Our helpdesk is ready to help you with any questions you may have. Our database consists of a wide range of information for the most common issues.

Recurring Tasks Panel

Set up any of your recurring tasks, including details of who is in charge, the frequency of the task, the deadline, a description of the task, and the outcome of the task.

Manage Tasks

Tasks are conveniently categorized in a kanban board by statuses. You can see all tasks, messages and comments, both yours and your employees.

Mass Assignment

You can assign repetitive tasks and standing orders to employees in bulk.

You can also manage the access of your employees.

Task Driver

This is the assistant that monitors the execution of tasks. Ensures that no task is left unattended. It is an impartial outsourced operations manager who is not emotionally connected to your employees.

Regular business

  • The owner has to repeat tasks to staff all the time
  • The owner ensures that all tasks are completed
  • The owner has to train every new employee himself
  • Most of the owner's time is taken up by controlling tasks

Business with automated operation management

  • Repetitive tasks are automated and reach employees on time
  • Task Driver gets each task done without distracting the supervisor
  • New employee automatically receives all necessary tasks that do not need to be explained to them
  • Control automation frees up time and attention for company development
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